Fourteenth SpaceWire Working Group meeting

22nd PM, 23rd (all day) and 24th (AM) of February 2010


The fourteenth SpaceWire Working Group meeting has been held on Monday the 22nd (PM), Tuesday the 23rd and Wednesday the 24th (AM) of February 2010 at Estec, followed by a SpW WG Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday the 24th (PM).


Scope - The meeting covered the following topics:


  • SpaceWire networks used for C&C and High Throughput Data Transfers (Conveners Ph. Armbruster & S. Parkes)
  • SpaceWire-PnP (Convenor G.Rakow, NASA/GSFC)
  • SpaceFibre (Convenor, M.Suess, ESTEC)
  • SpW Deployment and Handbook (Convenor, B. Cook, 4Links)
  • SpW Test, Verification and “Certification” (Convenor Y. Sheynin, UoStPg)
  • SpW Backplanes (Convenors A. Senior SEA and M.Nomachi, UoO)
  • SpaceWire International Conference 2010 – St Petersburg RU – W25 June 2010 - (Pr. Sheynin)


Proceedings (D)


Day 1: Monday 22nd of February PM


·         Welcome and Introduction, ESA/Ph.Armbruster

·         SpaceWire Roadmaps: debrief from SpW WG#13 Steering Committee Meeting, ESA/Ph.Armbruster

·         Newly published standards, ESA/L.Balestra

o        ECSS-E-ST-50-51C SpaceWire protocol identification (5 February 2010)

o        ECSS-E-ST-50-52C SpaceWire - Remote memory access protocol (5 February 2010)

o        ECSS-E-ST-50-53C SpaceWire CCSDS packet transfer protocol (5 February 2010)


Session 1: SpaceWire networks used for C&C and High Throughput Data Transfers (Conveners Ph.Armbruster & S. Parkes)

·         SpaceWire and Determinism: concepts, ESA-UoD/A.Ferrer Florit

·         Requirements for higher-layer protocols over SpaceWire to support spacecraft operations, Jaxa/T.Yamada

·         SpW-RT & SpW-T Overview, UoD/S.Parkes

·         SpW-D: Overview. (Support document: SpW-D Protocol Draft B) , UoD/S.Parkes                       



Day 2: Tuesday 23rd of February (all day)


Session 2a: SpaceWire networks used for C&C and High Throughput Data Transfers – cont’d


  • SpW-(R)T Implementations and return of experience

o        PVS Phase 1: Feed-back on SpW-(R)T, implementation and experimentation: Teletel/A.Tavoularis & V. Kollias – Astrium/C. Honvault

o        SpW-RT as SW on the SpW-Remote Terminal Controller – Demonstration  ESA-UoD/A.Ferrer Florit



Session 2b: SpaceWire Evolutions



Session 2c: Other Topics


§         TAI's Introduction & Satellite System Projects TAI/F. Boran

§         Topnet 2nd Generation,  ESA/R. Vitulli

§         SpW Test, Verification and “Certification” (Convenor Y. Sheynin, UoStPg)

o        “TraffiController” technical presentation, SKYLAB/S.Davy



Day 3: Wednesday 24th of February (AM)


Session 3: Other Topics – cont’d




SpW WG Steering Committee Meeting, Wednesday 24th of February (PM)


Next Meeting, ESA/ESTEC: 18th PM, 19th and 20th (AM) of October 2010, StCoMtg on 20th (PM)


Support Documents

1: ECSS-E-ST-50-12C Change Request template

2: SpaceWire Active Backplane Specification Draft 1.b

3: MELCO-JAXA - SpaceWire Backplane Pin assignment (XLS)

4: SpW-PnP  Protocol Definition - v2.1

5: SpW-D Protocol Draft B


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ESA - ESTEC - Electrical Engineering Department - Data Systems Division - Ph. Armbruster – 01/04/2010 - PM