Eighteenth SpaceWire Working Group meeting

23rd (PM), 24th (all day) and 25th (AM) of April 2012


The eighteenth SpaceWire Working Group meeting was held on Monday the 23rd (PM), Tuesday the 24th and Wednesday the 25th (AM) of April 2012 at ESTEC, followed by a SpW WG Steering Committee meeting on Wednesday the 25th (PM).



The meeting covered specifically the following topics:


SpW Networks for C&C (SpW-D) (Conveners Ph. Armbruster, ESA/ESTEC & S. Parkes, UoDundee)

SpW Evolutions (Convener D. Jameux, ESA/ESTEC), including ECSS-ST-50-12C Rev.1 and SpW 2

SpW Backplanes (Conveners A. Senior, SEA & M. Nomachi, UoOsaka)

SpW System and Mission Requirements (Convener D. Jameux, ESA/ESTEC)

SpW Test, Verification and “Certification” (Convener Y. Sheynin, UoStPetersburg)

SpW Network Management (Conveners G. Rakow, NASA/GSFC, P. Mendham, Bright Ascension)

SpW Deployment and Handbook (Convener B. Cook, 4Links)

SpW International SpaceWire Conferences and Working Group meetings  (Convener M. Suess, ESA/ESTEC)



Proceedings (C)


Day 1: Monday 23rd April (PM)


Welcome and Introduction (Philippe Armbruster, ESA/ESTEC)



Session 1: SpW Evolutions part I – SpW2 and SpaceFibre (Conveners D. Jameux and M. Suess, ESA/ESTEC)

This session was dedicated to medium term disruptive evolutions of the SpaceWire technology such as SpaceFibre and next generation space interconnect standards.


          SpaceFibre Applications and Requirements, Steve Parkes (UoD) and Paul Rastetter (Astrium)

          SpaceFibre Standard, Steve Parkes (UoD)

          SpaceFibre Complexity, Steve Parkes (UoD)

          SpaceFibre Implementation, Steve Parkes (UoD)

          SpaceFibre Demonstration, Chris McClements (UoD), Albert Ferrer & Alberto Gonzalez (STAR-Dundee)

          SpaceFibre Next Steps, Steve Parkes (UoD)

          SpaceWire-RT, Steve Parkes (UoD)

          Status of SpaceFibre link module development, Taisto Tuominen, Patria Aviation Oy Systems

          Feedback of the SpW community on the SpaceFibre specification

          EOP needs for SpaceFibre, Josep Rosello, ESA/ESTEC

          SpaceFiber Draft D feedbacks, J.Lachaize, Astrium FR

          GigaSpaceWire - Gigabit links for SpaceWire networks,  Yuriy Sheynin, UoStPetersburg

          Non blocking multi router system,  M. Nomachi, UoOsaka


Support documents:

SpaceFibre ECSS Draft D v.1.14


Day 2: Tuesday 24th April (all day)


Session 2: SpW Evolutions – part II: ECSS-ST-E-50-12C Rev.1 (Convener D. Jameux, ESA/ESTEC)

This session was dedicated to the revision of the current SpaceWire standard in preparation for the work of the ECSS Working Group.

          ECSS-ST-50-12C Rev.1 scope and ECSS standardisation agenda,  D.Jameux, ESA/ESTEC

          Early results of the SpaceWire Evolutions TRP activity:

          Revision of the SPW definitions with network configuration as a use case, Peter Mendham, Bright Ascension

          Improvements to the Distributed Interrupts scheme, Antonis Tavoularis, Teletel

          Trade-off around SpW Half-Duplex, Antonis Tavoularis, Teletel


Support documents:

SpW Evolutions - Distributed Interrupts and TELETEL_AT_DistributedInterruptsImprovements

SpW Evolutions - Simplex & Half-Duplex SpW and TELETEL_AT_HalfDuplex_TradeOffs




Session 3: SpW Test, Verification and Certification (Convener Y. Sheynin, UoStPetersburg)

This session was dedicated to the test, verification and simulation tools and requirements.

          MOST SpW traffic simulator – Applications and Improvements, Felix Siegle, UoJena



Session 4: SpW Backplanes (Conveners A. Senior, SEA & M. Nomachi, UoOsaka)

This session was dedicated to SpaceWire backplane application requirements, technology survey, SpW backplanes for ground systems, and other SpW backplane related issues.

          Introduction, Jørgen Ilstad, ESA/ESTEC

          SpW Backplane presentation and discussion of the work performed so far on the ESA SpW Backplane activity, Alan Senior, SEA



Session 5: System and mission requirements (Convener D. Jameux, ESA/ESTEC)

This session was dedicated to the provision of SpaceWire-related Data Handling system requirements from System Integrators and ESA mission teams.

          The need for high speed data links and networks on future payload processing, Jérôme Lachaize, Astrium

          System Requirements & use of Interrupts on SpaceWire link, Brice Dellandrea, TAS



Session 6: SpaceWire Network Management and Protocol Stacks (Conveners G. Rakow, NASA/GSFC, P. Mendham, Bright Ascension)

This session was dedicated to SpaceWire network management features and protocols such as network discovery and configuration, Electronic Data Sheets, FDIR, and SpaceWire related protocol stacks.

          Introduction: Current SpaceWire protocol stacks,  Peter Mendham, Bright Ascension

          Early results of the “Network Discovery Protocols” TRP activity: network discovery and configuration requirements and draft specification,  Peter Mendham, Bright Ascension


Support documents:

SpaceWire Plug-and-Play Protocol Requirements


Session 7: SpW for C&C (Conveners Ph. Armbruster, ESA/ESTEC and S. Parkes, UoDundee)

This session was dedicated to SpW-D, support to PUS time distribution, and other Command & Control issues for SpaceWire.

          Guaranteeing real-time property of SpaceWire network based on SpaceWire-D, Hiroaki Takada, Nagoya University

          Time synchronisation protocol, S. Habinc, Aeroflex Gaisler

          SpaceWire-D, Steve Parkes, UoDundee


Day 3: Wednesday 25th April (AM)


Session 8: SpW component developments (Convener Jørgen Ilstad, ESA/ESTEC)

This session was dedicated to SpaceWire component development activities.

          ECI initiative to develop and qualify European LVDS components:

          European LVDS driver development and ECSS evaluation and qualification, Jørgen Ilstad, ESA/ESTEC

          European LVDS Driver Development and ESCC Evaluation and Qualification, S. Habinc, Aeroflex Gaisler

          Proposal for the development of the ESA LVDS transceiver, Francisco Gutiérrez, Arquimea

          Update on the “SpaceWire Router ASIC development” GSTP activity, Marko Isomaki, Aeroflex Gaisler

          32-bit microprocessor with SpaceWire routing switch for space applications, Pavel Osipenko, Scientific-Research Institute for System Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences

          Update on RTC development equipment and software development environment, David Paterson, UoDundee

          AT7913E SpaceWire RTC, Bernard Bancelin, ATMEL


SpW Deployment and Handbook, Roger Peel, 4Links


Session 9: Next SpW events (Conveners Ph. Armbruster and M. Suess, ESA/ESTEC)

This session was dedicated to the announcement of SpaceWire-related events.

          Next SpW conference, Sandi Habinc, Aeroflex Gaisler

          Next WG meeting,  M. Suess, ESA/ESTEC


Meeting close-out (M. Suess, ESA/ESTEC)


Day 3: Wednesday 25th April (PM)


SpW WG Steering Committee Meeting


List of attendance # 18 SpaceWire Working Group Meeting



Contact Person: Bertilla Sinka Tel : +31 71 565 8559 Email : spacewire.secretary@esa.int


ESA - ESTEC - Electrical Engineering Department - Data Systems Division – D. Jameux –01/05/2012