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New draft SpaceWire Standards

Distributed interrupts

The Distributed Interrupts mechanism may be supported by SpaceWire nodes and routers. The Distributed Interrupts mechanism provides a low-latency signalling among nodes in SpaceWire networks. Interrupt distribution is not affected by data packets transmitted simultaneously with an Interrupt-Code over the same links. Interrupt distribution can be performed even over links that are blocked by data packets

Time Synchronization

There is a number of communication protocols that can be used in conjunction with the SpaceWire Standard (ECSS-E-ST-50-12), to provide a comprehensive set of services for onboard user applications. To distinguish between the various protocols a protocol identifier is used, as specified in ECSS-E-ST-50-51. This Standard specifies the Time Distribution Protocol, which is one of these protocols that work over SpaceWire. The aim of the Time Distribution Protocol is to synchronize time across a SpaceWire network. It does this by an initiator writing a CCSDS Time Code using an RMAP command placed in a SpaceWire packet, transferring it across the SpaceWire network and then extracting the CCSDS Time Code at the target, and by means of SpaceWire time control codes (Time-Codes) used to convey the time instant at which the CCSDS Time Code becomes valid. This document represents a draft of an ECSS standard which is in development. The document has been written as far as possible according to ECSS drafting rules. The document should not be considered an ECSS standard.


The purpose of this draft standard is to specify a communications protocol called SpaceWire-R that provides onboard applications with reliable data transfer services over SpaceWire networks. The primary function of SpaceWire-R (SpW-R) is to transfer data reliably from a sending node to a receiving node over a SpaceWire network

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