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Japan Aerospace eXploration Agency (JAXA) Missions

Launch: April 2012

BepiColumbo MMO

The 'BepiColombo' project is the first large-scale Europe-Japan joint mission. This mission consists of two orbiters and will provide the most complete exploration yet of Mercury, the innermost planet. The Mercury Magnetospheric Orbiter (MMO) spacecraft developed by JAXA will study Mercury's magnetic field, atmosphere, Magnetosphere, and inner interplanetary space.

ESA are developing the BepiColumbo MPO (Mercury Planetary Orbiter).

See ISAS/JAXA Website for details.

(Image: ISAS/JAXA)

Launch: 2010

Non-thermal Energy eXploration Telescope (NeXT)

NeXT, the New X-ray Telescope project, is a next-generation X-ray astronomy satellite that the Japanese X-ray astronomy group is proposing to ISAS. Proposed launch time is early 2010.

See ISAS/JAXA Website for details.

(Image: ISAS/JAXA)

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