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Commercial Products

Information about SpaceWire commercial products, including:

  • Development and Test Equipment
  • Cables and Connectors
  • Flight Equipment
  • Commercial Devices

Company name Products
4 Links Ltd, UK 4Links SpaceWire Products and Services
ESL-RG201, 4Links EtherSpaceLink bridge from Ethernet to SpW, single port
ESL-RG401/8, 4Links EtherSpaceLink bridge from Ethernet to SpW, 1 of 8 ports
DSI-RG40n/8, 4Links Diagnostic SpaceWire Interface, up to 8 active ports
MSA-RG408, 4Links Multi-link SpW Analyzer, 8 ports to monitor up to 4 links per unit
MSR-RG408, 4Links Multi-link SpW Recorder, 8 ports to monitor up to 4 links per unit
FSR-RG408, 4Links Flexible SpaceWire Router, 8-port SpaceWire routing switch
SRR-RG40n/8, 4Links SpaceWire RMAP Responder, up to six active ports
ATI-RG201-S, 4Links Absolute Time Interf., PPS Time Code, synch. units to IRIG date & time
CAB-nM-DW or -BS, 4Links SpaceWire Laboratory Cables, nMetres to order
4Links SpaceWire IP
Atmel (Microchip) Europe, France SpaceWire Router
Triple SpaceWire links High Speed Controller (SMCS332SpW)
Single SpaceWire links High Speed Controller (SMCS116SpW)
SpaceWire Remote Terminal Controller, Leon 2 FT based
Cobham Gaisler, Sweden GRSPW SpaceWire Link
GRSPW2 SpaceWire High-Speed Link
GRSPWCODEC - SpaceWire Encoder-Decoder
GRSPWROUTER SpaceWire Routing Switch
SPWCUC SpaceWire - CCSDS Unsegmented Code Transfer Protocol
GR712RC 32-bit Fault-Tolerant LEON3FT SPARC V8 Dual Core Processor
LEON3FT-RTAX Fault-tolerant SPARC V8 Processor - CID 2, 4, 5, and 7
LEON3FT-RT3PE Fault-tolerant SPARC V8 Processor - CID 2, 4, 5, and 7
GR701A PCI to SpaceWire/1553/CAN Bridge
GR703 CCSDS Telemetry & Telecommand with SpaceWire and PCI
GR-TMTC-0002 Telemetry & Telecommand with SpaceWire
RT-SPW-ROUTER Radiation-Tolerant 10X SpaceWire Router
RT-SPW-ROUTER Radiation-Tolerant 6X SpaceWire Router with PCI
GRESB SpaceWire/Ethernet Bridge with routing capabilities
GR-RASTA - LEON2/3/4 spacecraft avionics development platform
RASTA 16x SpaceWire Router
SpaceWire-RTC (AT7913) Development Suite
GR712 Aeroflex Gaisler GR712RC Development board
GR-CPCI-UT699 Aeroflex UT699 Compact-PCI board
GR-CPCI-AT7913 Atmel AT7913 Compact-PCI board
GR-CPCI-SER2-SPW4 Mezzanine board with LVDS interfaces and SpaceWire connectors
GR-CPCI-1553 Mezzanine board with LVDS interfaces and SpaceWire connectors
GR-RTAX-MEZZ Mezzanine board with LVDS interfaces and SpaceWire connectors
RTEMS - SpaceWire drivers, RMAP software stack
Wind River VxWorks - SpaceWire drivers
LINUX - SpaceWire drivers
Cobham Colorado Springs, USA UT200SpW4RTR 4-Port Router or EndPoint
UT200SpW4RTR-EVB  Evaluation Board
UT200SpWPHY01 Physical Layer Transceiver
UT54LVDM031LV Quad Bus-LVDS Driver
UT54LVDS031LV Quad Driver
UT54LVDS032LV Quad Receiver
UT54LVDM055LV Dual Driver and Receiver
UT699 LEON 3FT Microprocessor
ALExiS Single-Board Computer
Dynamic Engineering, USA PMC-SpaceWire
DESWBO SpaceWire BreakOut
SpaceWire Cables
DESWCB SpaceWire Connector Board
PCIeBPMCX1 PCIe adapter for PMC's
ENET-SpaceWire-N SpaceWire switch/router/bridge functions
NEC, Japan Space Cube2
Spacewire Router
Network Data Recorder
Payload Interface Unit
RUAG, Sweden Spacecraft Management Unit
Processor Board
Skylab Industries, France PCI4SpW board
PCI Express4SpW board
Compatible cable4SpW
Sitael Aerospace, Italy IPPM: Integrated Payload data Processing Module
A1493: PCI-SpW/CAN Board
SpaceWire RTC Development Suite
STAR Dundee, UK SpaceWire Electronic Ground Support Equipment
SpaceWire Link Analysers
SpaceWire Conformance Testers
SpaceWire Physical Layer Testers and Probes
SpaceWire Routers
SpaceWire Internet Tunnel
SpaceWire DSP Units
SpaceWire Lab Cables
Windows, Linux, VxWorks, QNX, RTEMs SpaceWire Driver Software
SpW-10X Router ASIC Development Kit
SpaceWire RTC (AT7913E) Development Kit
SpaceWire RTC (AT7913E) Software Development Tools
SpaceWire CODEC IP cores
SpaceWire RMAP IP cores
SpaceWire Router IP cores
SpaceFibre IP cores
SpaceWire Training
SpaceWire Engineering Design
SpaceWire Consultancy
TELETEL, Greece iSAFT SpaceWire / MIL-STD-1553 / CAN Recorder
iSAFT SpaceWire / MIL-STD-1553 Simulator
Thales Alenia Space, France Sentinel 3 (mission)
Exomars (mission)
Meteosat Third Generation (mission)
Iridium Next (mission)
WL Gore, Germany SpaceWire Cable Flight Version acc. ESCC 3902/003 AWG 26 and 28 QPL
SpaceWire Cables Ground Version acc. ESCC 3902/003 (data sheet under
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